Bridal Dress

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Gelinliklerde kullanılan YKK fermuarlar 25-30-35-40-50-65 cm kırık beyaz renginde stoklarımızda bulunmaktadır.

YKK zippers used in wedding dresses are available in our stocks in 25-30-35-40-50-65 cm off-white color.

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum purchase quantity is 10, excluding marine products.

The VAT rate on all zipper products is 8 percent, and this rate is 18 percent on products coming from abroad, such as snap-on buckles.

If you request a product that is not in our stock, we will provide it within 10-15 days.

Our stock products are constantly renewed and updated. We follow a strong stock policy.

We can pick up the products in our stock from our office immediately or in case of emergency, we can deliver them to you within the same day in the Izmir region. Except for such emergencies, we can provide next day delivery to all of Turkey with Yurtiçi Cargo.